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Wall Mount Rack Products

Wall mount racks are ideal for smaller servers, or for when a server room has almost reached capacity and you just need to squeeze a little more in. Smaller than their floor standing counterparts, they’re a great way to prevent trips by keeping equipment up and out of the way. As an experienced wall mount racks supplier, Westan is proud to stock a wide wall mount rack system range for you to choose from.

Easy Access and Great Space Efficiency

Before purchasing your wall mount rack system, consider how often you’ll need to access the server it holds. If it’s on a daily basis, these racks are easy to access and are perfect for saving space. If you don’t need to access them quite so frequently, consider placing your wall mount rack higher on the wall, or even attached to the ceiling. This frees up even more space in the room for floor standing racks.

Safety and Security

As a leading wall mount racks distributor, safety and security are top priorities for us. That’s why our products are designed to keep a clearway underfoot that keeps cables out of the way.

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