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Floor Standing Racks

Floor standing racks are a diverse storage option. Through the use of mounting accessories, they can be utilised in a wide range of locations. Businesses can utilise floor racks to house electronics and servers, while schools can use them to keep wires out of reach of curious hands. Regardless of what type of workplace you work in, you’re sure to find an appropriate solution within Westan’s wide range of floor rack options.

Can a Rack Stand Alone?

As opposed to a wall mounted rack, a floor standing rack can stand alone. It does not need to be attached to anything and can be placed anywhere in a room. Fine floor casters racks can be moved at will, allowing for ultimate versatility. If an office needs to be rearranged and the unit needs to be relocated, this can be managed with ease.

Westan – Trusted Floor Standing Racks Suppliers

As leading floor standing racks suppliers, you can rest assured Westan has your best interests at heart when it comes to providing practical solutions for the storage of servers and other equipment. Discover our available options online today!