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Shelves and Racks

Storage racks are an essential component for every business. At Westan, we stock commercial storage racks to suit any area and optimise any space. For instance, our Strong Custom Series floor racks come in a range of heights, depths and widths, ensuring you’ll have no problems finding the right one for you.

When to Use Commercial Storage Racks

Knowing which storage solution to use is an important factor when planning a commercial space. Commercial storage racks or a rack cabinet should be used when many items need to be stored, or when it is unknown just what might need to be stored at any given time.

When to Use a Wall Rack Mount

Ideal for smaller businesses, wall shelves and racks save on floor space and are available in many sizes to suit most offices. If you know what equipment you need to mount, you should be able to find a suitable wall rack mount.

As expert industrial rack suppliers, Westan can provide you with a range of rack equipment solutions to suit your office storage needs. Browse our range online or contact us to learn more.