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Philips H-Line 3000-Nit Ultra HD Display

03 Aug, 2017

Philips' new H-Line 75 inch commercial display is like a window to another world. Ultra large, ultra HD and ultra bright, the H-Line 75BDL3003H is sure to captivate an audience wherever it’s installed.

Optimised for public viewing. Thanks to the 3000-nit brightness, the 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160-pixel) display remains visually arresting and vivid even in high ambient light conditions.

The 75BDL3003H is ready for any signage application. It can play content from four separate inputs with QuadViewer.

Philips’ CMND interface allows you to take control of your displays and content scheduling wherever you have access to a web browser and the internet.

Create an all-in-one solution by installing a media player using the widely accepted OPS standard slot.

A sophisticated Failover feature ensures you won’t be red faced if the worst should happen.

A SmartPower feature allows you to save on the juice, reducing energy costs, when you don’t need the display to be running full throttle.