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OvrC Home: Wireless Access Management

14 Feb, 2018

OvrC Home’s new Wireless Access Management features gives your clients the ability to group any number of wireless clients into a ‘profile’ and the ability to revoke/grant Wi-Fi access to those associated devices, either ad hoc or on a pre-determined schedule from OvrC Home. This gives clients much more control over how Internet is being used at their location.

Use Case: Managing Children’s Internet Access
In the residential scenario, the perfect use case for this is giving parents more control over their children’s access to the Internet. As an example, your client can revoke Wi-Fi access to his kids’ tablet after 9pm to ensure he’s going to bed.

The feature by leveraging an embedded feature of the access points called Mac Filtering. When you “pause” Internet for a device, OvrC modifies the mac filtering table for the associated access points at the location.

Deploy this Feature Remotely
Great news! Since this feature is supported on all generations of the Araknis access points, you can remotely set this up and deploy it for existing and new clients from OvrC. If they already are using OvrC Home, just have them log out and back in to see the latest features that you enabled. To learn more about how to set this up, watch the step-by-step video below. To make it even easier for you, Araknis has built-in some self-help content in the app for clients to get a quick preview of what they could do with the new features.

Watch the video here