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InFocus Shakes Up Collaboration Space: 'Sparks' Will Fly!

27 Jun, 2017

InFocus introduces its new ConX ecosystem that rivals anything else out there in the collaboration world including Cisco Spark, Microsoft Surface Hub, Google Jamboard etc. and competes on features, pricing and especially interoperability across services. This is a collaborative ecosystem, truly unlike any else on the market.

Included in the ConX ecosystem launch is the ConX Cloud video conferencing service that provides the ability to seamlessly meet all your video conferencing needs with a robust hardware support ecosystem (including InFocus’ Mondopad, ConX Exec, ConX Wall and ConX Phone); expansive interoperability and compatibility with myriad OS, devices, platforms, and outside hardware; and an impossible-to-beat, transparent pricing structure.

The ConX ecosystem was a huge hit at Infocomm17 in June, with pundits heralding it as a genuine contender and a disruptor of a collaboration space the big IT companies have reckoned on having all their own.

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