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Fusion Keeps it Simple

08 Sep, 2017

One of Philips Professional Display Solutions unique selling points is its Android operating system that powers the SoC (system on a chip) screens. Android is super-quick to boot up and work with, there’s an enormous array of apps written for Android, and it’s an OS that’s always evolving to be more powerful. 

We’ve recently seen the advantages of the Android approach first hand. Westan and digital content wizards, Prendi, have co-developed a new cloud-based android signage app for Philips Professional Display Solutions. The app is called Fusion and it’s a stripped back content manager that allows uncoached clients to push content (full screen images and videos) to Philips screens from a browser-based GUI.

Prendi Creative Director, Nat Russell, talked to us about why Prendi were so keen to ‘roll their own’ app: “We do digital signage that can be anything from super-sophisticated to the downright simple. We’re not wedded to one type of media player or scheduler. But even the more straightforward systems are very confusing to a client. We do a lot of UX work and a lot of application development, so we thought we’d combine those skills and build Fusion for clients that don’t want or need all the bells and whistles — it’s the simplest thing we could figure to run digital signage.”

Prendi recognised that even though many of its retail clients are installing digital signage networks that are large and stunning to look at, their scheduling and management aspects are really quite basic. Nat Russell explains: “A lot of the content we do for digital signage is visually complicated animated content but it ends up simply as MP4 files. So we just need to manage which screen it goes to.”

Fusion has already been trialled with a number of Prendi customers. “It’s a slow rollout as we figure out what people are most interested in,” reports Nat Russell. “We’ll continue to develop the app and add features like some basic scheduling. But we want to maintain the ease of use.”

In keeping with the simplicity of the Prendi app, there’s only a simple one-off purchase price to worry about — from $169 ex per screen.