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World’s Tech Press Can’t Get Enough of Infocus ConX

09 Oct, 2017

Infocus has disrupted the collaboration space with its ConX cloud-based video conferencing solution. The headline story is the revolutionary pricing, according to Infocus CMO Brady Bruce: “Any of our customers can sign up to get a free video meeting room that support up to three simultaneous users. And that’s with no gotchas — for example, there’s no extra charge to use it in a physical meeting room and no limit on the meeting length.

“If you need more space, like a room that handles 10 simultaneous users we have ConX10, that’s priced at US$4.99 a month per room. Or for a room that supports 50 simultaneous users, we have a plan that’s priced at US$9,99 a month per room.

“From there we can scale up to enterprise systems where there’s economies of scale.”

It certainly is a revolutionary pricing structure, like nothing the industry has seen previously. Brady Bruce again: “What the pricing does is give the IT department the freedom to say, ‘everyone in the company can now have a video meeting facility’.

In fact the ConX solution is currently the only service that is available at a single price without hidden fees. Support for standards and Skype for Business is built-in and included at no additional charge.

ConX Cloud’s game-changing price makes it possible for businesses, agencies, and schools to provide every office and employee with their own video conferencing and collaboration system.

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