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Luma DVR & NVR

Westan is proud to stock a range of Digital Video Recording and Network Video Recording systems that support a large variety of features. For example, we can provide you with a HD surveillance DVR system that supports HD quality footage for your benefit, allowing you to accurately see what is going on with no mistake. We also stock 16 channel NVR systems. This type of system is able to support up to 16 cameras and record all footage, making it perfect for medium to large scale surveillance needs.

Luma DVR

As a well known and trusted Luma surveillance DVR supplier, we know what matters most when it comes to choosing the right security system. Our Luma DVR systems are reliable and compatible with both new and old systems.

Luma NVR

Luma NVR systems are equipped to handle IP cameras and contain preinstalled internal storage. These cameras make it easy to check up on any area at any time.

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