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Surveillance Cameras

Westan’s experience as a surveillance camera supplier means we know the importance of a fully functional and reliable surveillance camera system. A visible camera with dome camera housing is enough to prevent most opportunistic intruders that are considering unlawfully entering your property. If you have concerns over more than an average trespasser, a more discreet surveillance camera system can also be employed.

Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

Our range includes indoor surveillance camera options as well as a HD outdoor security camera. Our outdoor cameras come with weatherproof dome camera housings and work to either prevent or record any trespassers on your property. On the other hand, an indoor surveillance camera is able to see what damage has been done or what items have been taken should anyone enter your property. It’s also a useful tool for businesses that are looking to prevent employee theft and boost productivity – plus making use of the HD feature will be beneficial when it comes to the identification of any perpetrators.

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