Epson L-Series - Large Venue High Lumen Laser Projectors. Take image quality to new levels with Epson's L-Series, featuring game-changing laser projection technology with Full HD resolution and 4K enhancement technology, creating powerful images with outstanding reliability and minimal maintenance. 

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Epson EB-L1405UNL

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Item Code: EB-L1405UNL
Brand: Epson


Epson L-Series - Large Venue High Lumen Laser Projectors. Take image quality to new levels with Epson's L-Series, featuring game-changing laser projection technology with Full HD resolution and 4K enhancement technology, creating powerful images with outstanding reliability and minimal maintenance. 



  • Laser Light Source – Experience astonishing quality and reliability
  • Up to 3x Brighter Colours, and reliable performance* – 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • 4K Enhancement – Go beyond High Definition with 4K enhancement and native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution for
    presentations, videos, digital signage and more
  • 12,000 Lumens – Deliver captivating images in virtually any venue
  • Colour Uniformity – Keep images consistent and maintenance to a minimum with built-in automatic colour correction
  • Edge Blending – Combine multiple individual images to create one seamless giant image
  • 3x Digital connections – Digital quality and distance flexibility
  • HDBaseT – Transmit Full HD video and audio, Ethernet and serial communication through a single CAT 5/6 cable that can
    be extended up to 100m
  • 360° Installation – Install on any plane, from horizontal to vertical and everything in between
  • Powered lens shift, zoom and focus – Project perfectly uniform images with a new stepping motor and store up to 10 lens settings
  • Ten optional lenses – Choose the ideal powered lens for your venue from a wide range including ultra-short throw and long throw
  • 24/7 Operation – With advanced installation flexibility and continuous use, Epson's Installation projectors are suitable for almost
    any application
  • Digital Split Screen – Project two different images from one projector
  • 5 Year Projector Warranty1 – A class leading 20,000 hour or 5 year warranty

Laser Light Source

Experience astonishing quality and reliability with Epson's new laser light source and advanced filter.
A newly designed laser light source and advanced electrostatic filter deliver 20,000 hours of maintenance-free
use and consistent performance for total peace of mind during important presentations. Additionally, the laser
light source is highly reliable, eliminating worry of the light burning out during important presentations.


                     3LCD Technology

                          All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid
                          reliability. 3LCD’s 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour – red, green  
                          and blue, continuously. Unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, you get full-time
                          colour. The result is vibrant, realistic images and video all delivered with 3LCD’s true-to-life colour.

Up to 3x Brighter Colours with Epson Projectors*

Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don't force a tradeoff between white and colour brightness. 

In fact, Epson projectors have up to 3x Brighter Colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP
projectors*. If you are looking for business and education projectors or 720p home entertainment 
projectors, know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours. If you are looking
for 1080p home entertainment projectors, you consistently get 2x and up to 3x Brighter Colours than
competitor 1-chip DLP projectors*.

All Epson projectors list both White Brightness and Colour Brightness specifications, and all have high Colour Brightness.


4K Enhancement

Take presenting into the future with support for 4K and the ability to upscale Full HD 1080P content with Epson's 4K Enhancement Technology — which shifts pixels diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double resolution — delivering crisp, high-definition images.


Inorganic Components

Our newly developed phosphor wheel is made of inorganic material with superior light and heat-resistance to deliver excellent reliability. We’ve also developed inorganic LCD panels, key components of imaging devices. Combining an inorganic phosphor wheel with inorganic LCD panels in a laser projector results in bright, vibrant images for extremely long periods.


8000 lumens of brightness

Powered by 3LCD technology and Epson's laser optical engine, the L Series is capable of producing White Light and Colour Light
Output of up to 8000 lumens in WUXGA resolution, delivering captivating images in virtually any venue.

The laser light source also lets you take control of brightness with precise adjustment in increments of 1% and a constant brightness
mode that maintains brightness at a specified level to match any venue or subject.



5 Year Warranty1

Experience complete peace of mind with the 20,000 hours or 5 year warranty (whichever comes first).
This ensures reliable long-term performance and gives you the freedom to concentrate on your
presentations. Additional CoverPlus options will also be available.


Powered Lens Shift, Zoom and Focus

The motorised lens shift covers a wide range, giving you a great deal of flexibility when 
installing the projector. A newly adopted stepping motor lets you make highly precise
adjustments when employing edge blending, stacking and other techniques.
 Adjustments can be made via remote control or over a network, enhancing
usability even for ceiling-mounted projectors.

Lens Position Memory

Up to 10 settings can be stored in the projector memory, including shift positions,
focus and projection sizes.


                                                                                        High Resolution

                                                                                                                    Featuring native resolution up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200), the Epson L Series delivers high quality images and crisp, sharp text without any distortion. And, it makes it easy to display more content. You can also display HDTV content at its native resolution with quality that surpasses even that of 1080p devices.

WUXGA resolution is ideal for any application requiring full Hi-Def, including BluRay content, graphic intensive programs, film slides, and any application requiring exceptional detail.


Colour Uniformity

Keep images consistent and maintenance to a minimum with a built-in camera that detects images that have become uneven over time, detect subtle inconsistencies between multiple projectors and enables automatic colour correction. You can choose whether to check manually or set up for automatic checking at regular intervals.


Incredible HDBaseT and diverse connectivity

Connect with virtually any system including HDBaseT, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, BNC
and LAN connectivity. Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology means just one single
CAT-5/6 cable carries Full HD video, audio, network and control commands up
to 100 metres to accommodate large venues. No need for additional cables, signal
repeaters or added labor.


360 Degree Projection

The Epson L Series can be rotated 360° in any direction for off-axis positioning flexibility. As a result,
they can be used for a wide range of applications, such as projecting on the ceiling or floor, or as
part of a rear-projection system. Epson technology keeps the projector running without compromising
performance or causing overheating.


Edge Blending

Enhance the experience with seamless panoramic, multi-screen images that blend edges by matching colour and brightness perfectly,
even in areas that overlap.


Corner Wall and Curved Surface Projection

Quickly and precisely correct any vertical or horizontal distortion of an image with Epson's curved surface and corner wall projection. These features allow for greater flexibility when choosing a projection surface. Enhance your viewers experience by projecting your content in a unique environment with ease.

Arc Correction

Using arc correction, you can adjust each side of a projected image in an arch or barrel-shaped way, making it easier than ever to get a perfectly rectangular image.


Digital Split Screen®

Split Screen allows users to display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen with the option of three
different layouts. This makes it possible to display video and presentation materials simultaneously, or run video on both screens.

DICOM Simulation Mode

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is a standard for handling, storing, printing and transmitting medical
imaging information. The projector's DICOM Simulation Mode enables users to reproduce images with an advanced grayscale
level that simulates DICOM Part 14. This mode is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, for training and
educational purposes.

Multi-PC Projection

Epson Multi-PC Projection allows you to display four individual PC screens simultaneously over the network (wired or wireless),
with up to 50 users connected to the same projector. You can drag and drop participants into or out of one of the four quadrants.
This feature is a great tool for meetings or classroom projects where multiple users want to present and compare their screens.
You can also connect up to four remote projectors at the same time and show the same multi-screen image; another great tool
for remote meeting setups.


       Ultra Short Throw Lens2

          Choose the perfect lens for your venue, including an ultra-short-throw (UST) zero offset lens for environments with
          little space. This produces a 200-inch image from only 1.5m away and has lens shift of +17% vertical and
          +/- 10% horizontally for added flexibility.


Ten optional lenses2

For added flexibility, the L Series offers a total of ten lenses, including middle,

wide, long, short and ultra-short throw that allow users to choose the lens most 
suited for their environment. A quick-release lever allows for a fast, easy lens exchange.


   Continuous 24 Hour Use

    Enjoy the flexibility of running your projector 24/7 with guaranteed performance and reliability.
    With Epson's latest generation of inorganic LCD panels and unique optimised cooling systems,
    the L Series projectors are capable of 24/7 use warranted up to 20,000 hrs. With advanced
    installation flexibility and continuous use, Epson's Installation projectors are suitable for almost any application!


New Ceiling Mounts

Both standard and low profile ceiling mounts are available to give you even more installation flexibility across the L Series. Both mounts are now grey in colour to easily integrate into any colour scheme.


* Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (colour light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

1 Warranted for 5 years or 20,000 hours, whichever occurs first, see for full warranty terms and conditions.

2 Lens not included. The ELPLM08 Mid Throw and ELPLX01 Ultra Short Throw lens is not compatible with EB-L1505UNL.

Connectivity Panel

  EB-L1405UNL Projector, 3m Power Cable, 1.8m Computer Cable, Remote Control, 2 x AA Batteries, Cable Cover, Manual, Projection Software CDROM. (Lens not Included)
Projection System RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
LCD Panel 0.76-inch (D10)
Zoom 1 - 1.6 (Optical)
Screen Size (Standard Lens) 50" to 300" [1.53m to 9.44m] (Zoom: Wide)
50" to 300" [2.48m to 15.10m] (Zoom: Tele)
Projection Distance (Standard Lens) 100" screen 3.11m - 5m
Throw Ratio 1.45 (Zoom:Wide), 2.32 (Zoom:Tele)
Projection Lens F Number 1.7-2.3
Projection Lens Focal Length 24.02mm - 38.24mm
Focus Method Powered
Colour Light Output 8,000 Lumens
White Light Output 8,000 Lumens
Resolution WUXGA
Native Aspect Ratio 16:10
Contrast Ratio 2,500,000:1
Light Source Laser Diode
LD Input Power 430 W
Keystone Correction (Standard Lens) Vertical: ±45°
Horizontal: ±30°
Lens Shift (Standard Lens) Vertical: ±60° (Powered)
Horizontal: ±30° (Powered)
Input: Video 1 x 5BNC
Input: Computer 1 x D-sub 15-Pin (RGB)
Input: Digital 1 x HDMI, 1 x SDI, 1 x DVI-D, HDBaseT
Input: Audio 3 x Stereo mini
Input: Control 1 x RS232c, 1 x Stereo mini (Remote)
Input: Network I/O 1 x RJ45 (Art-Net), 1 x USB Type A (for optional Wireless LAN unit)
Input: HDBaseT 1 x RJ45 (Art-Net)
Wireless Connectivity Optional
Output: Video 1 x Monitor Out (via D-sub 9-pin)
Output: Audio 1 x Stereo mini
EasyMP Network & Control Yes
EasyMP Network Projection -
EasyMP Multi PC Projection Yes
Wireless LAN Optional
4K Enhancement Yes
Lens Position Memory Yes (10 positions)
Split Screen Yes
Edge Blending Yes
Curved Screen Projection Yes
Corner Wall Projection Yes
Frame Interpolation Yes
360 Degress Projection Yes
Instant Off Yes
Direct Power On/Off Yes
Security Kensington® – style lock provision
Wireless LAN Unit Lock
Security cable hole
Colour Modes Dynamic, Presentation, Cinema, sRGB, DICOM SIM, Multi-Projection
Dimensions D x W x H (Including Feet) 492 x 586 x 211 mm
Weight Approx. 20.6kg (Including LM08 Lens)
Projector Warranty 5 Years*
Power Consumption: LD On 625W
Power Consumption: Standby 2.4W
Noise Level Normal/Quiet: 35/29 dB
* Or 20,000 hours, whichever comes first.
PRODUCT OPTIONS Item Code Description
  V12H004X01 ELPLX01 Ultra Short Throw Zoom Lens
  V12H004U03 ELPLU03 Short Throw Lens 1
  V12H004U04 ELPLU04 Short Throw Lens 2
  V12H004M08 ELPLM08 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 1
  V12H004M09 ELPLM09 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 2
  V12H004M0A ELPLM10 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 3
  V12H004M0B ELPLM11 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 4
  V12H004W05 ELPLW05 Wide Throw Zoom Lens 1
  V12H004W06 ELPLW06 Wide Throw Zoom Lens 2
  V13H134A51 ELPAF51 Replacement Filter
  V12H547053 HDBaseT Transmitter
  V12H731P01 Wireless LAN adaptor
  V12H005M09 Quick Wireless USB Key
  V12H618P01 Polarizers for passive 3D
  V12H802010 ELPMB47 Low Profile Ceiling Mount
  V12H803010 ELPMB48 Standard Ceiling Mount
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