Sonos was conceived in 2002 with a simple script: help music lovers play songs anywhere in their homes. Since then, the Sonos range has been pushing the limits of what is possible with intelligent software, wireless technology and quality sound across the world, making it easy to play what you love – music, podcasts, movies, shows, audiobooks, radio and more – and share it with the ones you love.

Enjoy patented, spatially-aware tuning software Trueplay to guarantee brilliant sound in a multitude of environments, take advantage of modular technology that allows for adding units to your system at your own leisure, and experience unparalleled control over where, when and how you want your audio played across multiple rooms in your house. Supporting over 50 streaming audio services and distributed across over 60 countries, Sonos products can function as adaptive, stand-alone units that fill a room at any volume, or can speak to one another, creating a rich, seamless music experience with a touch of a button or the tap of an app.

Create your perfect sound system

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Everything works seamlessly together over WiFi. Start with one room and simply add more when you're ready.