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WESTAN is a name synonymous with integrity, honesty, and reliability to both our suppliers and retailers. Our reputation is complemented by our suite of premium global brands and our intricate knowledge and local support of each.

We are proud to offer a "match-made-in-Heaven" portfolio; fully scalable to suit your budget and completely customisable to exceed your expectations.

The office is a place to get together with your team, to share ideas and inspiration. The workplace is evolving to include multiple meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms, huddle rooms and large-scale board rooms to foster creativity and communication without boundaries.

This week we will share some of our recommendations for building a video conferencing solution that will suit both your space and your budget.

We have introduced you to the Game Changer before, but this one needs a mention time-and-again. The Kandao Meeting Pro is a powerful and portable 360° video conferencing camera, with built-in omnidirectional microphone coverage, AI technology and Micro SD card slot for recording.

An elegant solution for meeting perfection.

Simply plug-and-play using your laptop in your home-office or workplace huddle space. Thanks to its Android operating system, Meeting Pro can be used as a completely standalone video conferencing solution, and it’s compatible with Zoom, Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans and more.

WESTAN is home to InFocus, Philips and Kandao, to name a few. We are the experts at tailoring on point solutions within your budget and expectations.

InFocus presents the Mondopad Ultra; the complete, all-in-one touchscreen collaboration system for efficient face-to-face connection with people anywhere around the globe. Choose Mondopad Ultra to video conference, whiteboard, share data, and more - all from one seamlessly integrated platform. The Mondopad Ultra is supplied complete with the Infocus 4K Camera.

And of course, the Kandao Meeting Pro is an ever-ready, portable option to take with you wherever you go.

Both the Mondopad Ultra and Philips Q-Line Displays are available in 55, 65, 75 and 86 inch options. This makes scaling up incredibly simple - when upsizing your meeting space, you simply need to upsize your display.

But will the camera and microphone hold up in a large space?

The answer: Yes

The Infocus 4K Camera comes with multiple built-in unidirectional microphones, to pick up voices from around the room, clearly. The image resolution is high quality 4K (3840 x 2160) with a 30FPS frame rate. It is simple to connect via USB 3.0 which provides uncompressed video transfer and is also powered by USB. The camera has an 84° horizontal field of view, capturing a room practically from wall-to-wall.

The Game Changing Kandao Meeting Pro (we did say it deserves another mention) is also an outstanding option in a large meeting space. The 360° image capture with seamless optical stitching means that there is never a blind-spot. Boasting 8 omni-directional microphones, which can cover a radius of 5.5m, the finest audio quality is achieved.

Complete the experience with intelligent facial tracking software. The Kandao Meeting Pro provides for an immersive meeting experience by automatically focusing on and emphasing the speaker. The screen view is customisable and you can choose the view that is most appropriate every time.

WESTAN is proud to be one of the leading audio visual distributors across Australia and New Zealand. Our team of AV professionals are highly specialised and are ready to assist you with planning your next installation. These teams provide value added distribution into a variety of channels. We don't just ship products; we train, support and advise on the right solution for our resellers and their end users.

Give us a call, we are pretty cool people, and we absolutely love what we do.

We’re also fans of direct calls to action...

If you like the above and want to know more about any of the products or to learn more about Collaboration in general, give us a call.