The Beach House Hotel, Hervey Bay

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Project: The Beach House Hotel, Hervey Bay

Scope: Fusion Signage CMS -

Integrator: Prendi


Prendi, a Brisbane-based full service digital signage and design agency, recently provided digital menuboards and content design for The Beach House Hotel — a prominent restaurant and entertainment venue in Hervey Bay, Queensland. The hotel approached Prendi with an interest in implementing digital menuboards above its POS counter. And with only printed menus on the tables, digital was a vital addition. 

Prendi worked with their team from menu design, animations, CMS, hardware installation and ongoing support. 


Prendi started by designing the perfect array of screens to suit their space. The solution comprises a 1x5 55-inch videowall above the Point of Sale counter, with an additional single 32-inch portrait screen to showcase daily specials.

Prendi re-designed the menus to suit, including: menu layout design, animations and template creation. The templates would allow their team to easily update their menus in future.

Central to the solutions is the Fusion Signage content management system (or ‘CMS’). The Fusion Signage platform is the easiest-to-use and most affordable CMS on the market. Fusion Signage gives the hotel full control of the digital signage deployment.

The Beach House Hotel team has seen significant increase in engagement and up-selling of its daily specials. The digital menuboards look chic, modern and eye-catching.


Fusion Signage is the simplest most affordable cloud-based CMS on the market.

  • Player software runs natively on the Philips Android platform or any Android player.
  • Management is simply done from any browser.
  • Licenses start at $269 per screen for 3 years as a once off charge.
  • Advanced features include grouping and scheduling for managing large multi-site installations.
  • 380+ clients & 1400+ licences in the market


Fusion Signage takes the hassle out of managing digital signage. Using a simple online interface you have the ability to update and manage content to all your screens from anywhere, anytime. It’s a one-off three-year license that provides nationwide coverage for not much more than constantly sending out USB sticks. Fusion Signage can also expand to meet your growing needs. Almost any functionality can be custom built to ensure Fusion

Signage works the way you need. So if you have digital screens and think there’s no easy solution for you. Give Fusion Signage a go.