Orbis Education Development Centre, Adelaide

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Project: Orbis Education Development Centre, Adelaide

Scope: Infocus Interactive Displays

Integrator: B & H Australia


Orbis is a South Australia Department for Education’s initiative: educating the educators. The package of programs for teachers, principals, leaders and preschool directors is a revolutionary new approach to driving excellence in education.

In 2019 the Orbis teaching facility in Adelaide was established. The facility is designed to shake up the learning experience. Central to the new approach is the collaborative technology piece, spearheaded by Infocus interactive displays.


B&H Australia’s South Australian office was given the task of designing, installing and integrating the site’s audiovisual requirements, led by State Manager, Troy Edom.

“After assessing the scope we saw how the Infocus interactive displays were well suited to the needs of the Orbis breakout spaces for the small group collaboration,” explains Troy Edom.

“The Infocus solution provides a simple user connectivity experience and a consistent experience across the site.”


B&H demo’ed a number of collaboration tools with the client but kept coming back to the Infocus option, according to Troy Edom: “Infocus’s simplicity and integrated capabilities meant it could handle all the use-case requests and, in fact,

inspired the client to explore new avenues and scenarios that could access more of the system’s capabilities — the Infocus product’s versatility gave it an edge.

“The built-in integration capability and application support mean the Infocus system offers a versatile integrated solution, yet only requires a single display device,” observes Troy Edom. “The fact there are fewer black boxes means you can simplify many deployments and reduce your outlay across the project along with lowering ongoing support costs.”


Troy Edom was appreciative of the customer support provided by the Westan team: “We specified the Infocus solution because it met the functionality brief and desired price point. But more than that, having the hardware available on time and operating as designed on the day of handover made for a great experience, both for us and the client.

“We’ve found the Infocus interactive displays to be a reliable and feature-rich product, sold at a reasonable price point, and backed by a locally present distribution channel.”