Finlayson Park School LED

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Project: Finlayson Park School LED

Scope: Aurora LED

Integrator:  Canon Business Solutions, NZ

Seeing footage of primary school kids in front of a giant LED wall display busting out dance moves to the Jump Jam aerobics program is enough to give educators goose bumps.

"Active kids having fun outdoors. Technology being properly leveraged." It’s enough to get school principals reaching for the chequebook.


But wait, there’s more.


The same IP65-rated, large-format outdoor digital signage screen is also used for all-school assemblies where it provides a compelling focal point for all 1100 kids.

Video announcements, presentations… the display natively handles HD video and is as easy to address as a PC monitor.

At this point, most school administrators would be shouting ‘shut up and take my money!’.

But wait, there’s more.


The same tamper- and vandal-proof 6mm pixel pitch screen at all other times can display digital signage content from the in-house media player.

The school community is duly apprised of upcoming events and news.

“When can they come in and install that screen?!” — regards, School Board.

But hang on. We’re not finished just yet.


This same screen helps Finlayson Park School in suburban Auckland connect with the broader community.

Community groups can hire the display for neighbourhood movie nights or the screening of special sports events.

Yes, this is a NZ sourced story and there is an inevitable mention of the rugby — the big screen is perfect for watching the ‘big game’, and has already hosted just such a party.


“A community All Blacks event? It’s our civic duty! We’ll be organising a fundraiser next week.” — sincerely, Parents Association.

Canon Business Solutions specified and commissioned the Aurora Signage display and it’s been a hit from Day one.

Expect other schools to be following suit.


Feedback from School Principal, Shirley Maihi:

“In the few months that we’ve had the big screen in operation we’ve already seen the great benefits and we’re seeing even greater possibilities. “The most obvious application is at lunchtimes, where the kids play the dancing game, Jump Jam. It’s also revolutionised our all-school assemblies. The screen is highly visible by all 1100 students as well as teachers and attending parents. We are very proud of what we’ve got. “The screen presents a world of possibilities for community events. Already we’ve used the display for the broadcast of the Kapa Haka national dance competition. Parents bought tickets at the gate and families enjoyed a sausage sizzle, and picnicked under our big canopy. It was a very successful event and it bought parents to the school who may not otherwise attend school events. “The screen is a significant investment but for the size of the display and the number of people it addresses at one time, we couldn’t be happier.”