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The Art of Outdoor Projection

Art Month Sydney allows Epson and BE Productions to demonstrate their wares and Sydney artists their digital media talents.

Surviving Covid has been bad news for all manner of festivals worldwide. Art Month Sydney proved to be a bright spot amongst the gloom. In 2021, the festival staged some 157 events, welcoming 15,000-plus visitors.

This year, Epson joined as a major sponsor of Art Month Sydney. Epson, partnering with BE Productions, used the festival to show its wares at a number of outdoor sites where highly engaging, immersive and interactive, projection of digital artwork attracted audiences after dark.

15,000-Lumen Workhorse

BE Productions specialises in outdoor projection. It’s well known for providing system for outdoor cinema during the warmer months; guerrilla-style outdoor advertising; and being in demand during the long nights of winter for alfresco projection.

Principally, its inventory is based on Epson stock, including 25,000-lumen units, along with 15K, 12K and 7K laser 3LCD projectors.

Marc McEvoy, Director of BE Productions: “Our workhorse is Epson’s 15,000-lumen model. It’s out on hire much of winter, especially. It’s bright enough for most of what we do, but it’s also compact, versatile and priced well.”

Run & Gun

BE Productions is famous for showing up and painting an outdoor space with amazing high-brightness projected images in no time flat.

Part of the BE Productions secret sauce is years of experience, the other part is a self-contained, go anywhere projection cart that Marc and his team devised.

The cart is based on a trike with a large front storage ‘basket’ housing enough battery firepower to power a projector for a full four hours of use. The cart also acts as the staging point for the projector.

“These carts allow us to be fully autonomous. We can bring projection into spaces where a van or a ute often just can’t access. And being independent of mains power is a huge advantage in so many applications.”

BE Productions’ guerrilla projection demands almost always require portrait-oriented projection. Often the Epson laser projectors are tilted upwards, above the horizontal to fulfil the brief.

“Tilting the projectors upwards isn’t something most lamp-based high-brightness projects can do. That’s been a huge selling point for us. Epson’s understanding of laser technology and the 3LCD prism is just incredible. They’ve really nailed it when it comes to that laser technology.”

Hyde Park Barracks: 2 x 25,000-lumen Epson projectors produced, according to Marc McEvoy, a “really nice, clear and bright” image. (Photo: James Horan)

The old brickworks building in Sydney’s Central Park was the festival’s largest pixel canvas but, again, was ably covered by two 25,000-lumen Epson laser light source projectors. “We were hit by a crazy rain storm that night,” recalls Marc McEvoy. “But it all went ahead without a hitch. We were all dancing around in the rain and enjoying the occasion.” (Photo: Maclay-Heriot)

Projection cart: The heavy duty trike includes deep cycle batteries and an Epson high brightness projector as payload to provide some four hours of projection without recourse to mains power.