Speaker Wire

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Speaker Wire Accessories

An essential part of all audio equipment, speaker wire is the cable that connects speakers and amplifiers. As leading speaker wire accessories distributors in Australia, Westan is proud to stock a number of solutions to meet your needs. However, before purchasing the right speaker wire for your accessories, you’ll first need to understand the terminology that’s used.

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge refers to the size of the wire. A thicker speaker wire connector is reflected in a lower gauge number. A thicker wire produces less resistance to electrical current and can therefore produce clearer audio. This makes it ideal for longer wires, while often a thinner wire will suffice for a shorter distance.

Wire Length

Wire length depends on the placement of your speakers and amplifiers. Work out where they will be placed and make sure to measure for the required speaker wire connector. Use this as a guide and remember that wire that’s too long is better than wire that’s too short!

Whether you’re looking to replace a broken or damaged wire or you’re purchasing wire for brand new equipment, look no further than the speaker wire accessories suppliers at Westan. Browse our range online or contact our team today to learn more.