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Video Cable Products

Connecting an additional monitor to a television or computer system requires a video cable. While cables are available that combine audio and video, sometimes it’s beneficial to have a separate video cable, particularly for business, retail and educational applications. When you need a dedicated digital video cable, turn to Westan – your trusted video cable distributor.

Which Video Cable Should You Choose?

Video cables come in a number of shapes and sizes. This is because as technology changes, so too do the connectors between equipment, meaning many older machines use very different connectors to newer models.

Find out what type of cable is compatible with your equipment to ensure no troubles are experienced down the track. You’ll also need to establish how long the cables need to be. Retailers will usually find they need longer cables, while businesses and classrooms might require something shorter.

Once you’ve worked out which video cable you need, browse Westan’s extensive range to find the right one for you. As a leading video cable supplier and wholesaler in Australia, we’re sure to have what you need.