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Digital Audio Cable

Digital audio cables enable a connection between your television and AV receiver. These can be optical or coaxial, with each type having its own advantages. At Westan, we stock a wide range of audio cables for you to choose from.

Why Westan?

When you need to set up a new sound system or other audio gear, Westan is the best choice for digital audio cables suppliers. Our range includes the following digital audio cable types:

  • Digital optical audio toslink cable
  • RCA Y adapter
  • RCA Y adapter 1 male to 2 female
  • Mini stereo to RCA cable
  • And more

Digital or HDMI?

Digital audio cables and HDMI audio cables serve the same purpose, so it can be difficult to know which to choose. The price difference between these types of wires is minimal, as is the difference in quality. The deciding factor will often come down to what your system supports.

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